Reiki with Kellie

I'm Sorry
At this time, I've been 'instructed' by God,
My Guides and Medicine Helpers
to take a hiatus from doing Reiki sessions
Apparently it has to do with this time of acension.
and length of this hiatus is not clear as of yet

However...for when I resume doing Reiki sessions...

( I am attuned for Level II Usui Reiki)

What is Reiki?
Reiki is energy healing from God
Your Spirit Guides and Angels

What will you experience in a Reiki Session?
Each person is different...
First you must remember, any type of Energy healing
comes from a higher source. That I am merely the conduit...allowing or actually
being allowed to let the healing energy of God/Angels/ or Spirit Guides
to flow and work through me.
You may Feel healing physicaly, emotionally or both
You may feel tingling, or warm energy flowing from my hands to and through you,
You may be Re-energized, have emotional release,
You might see healing colors, removel of un-needed memories,
or your guides working on you.
Reiki with me is a bit different than many...
Most times, while I work with God/Your Guides/Angels or higher source...
I will be instructed to tell you just what 'they'
are healing for you.
Your session may simply be enjoyment in the relaxation Reiki energy offers
as soft music, and Reiki's subtle warm energies
flow around and through you.

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Reiki Sessions are $40
each session approx. 45-1hr
Make an appointment at
Or email me
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